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  • Key West Elopement

    Key West Elopement

    Elopements in Key West are extremely popular. It’s a perfect place to elope for several reasons. First, Key West has an incredibly independent attitude; it’s a part of the island’s DNA. The accepting culture, especially towards the LGBT community, makes it a very popular place for couples to elope. Many people also choose Key West…

  • Disney Weddings

    Disney Weddings

    Disney weddings are a dream for many couples. Weddings at Disney can be stress-free and exciting, giving you the opportunity to plan your own special day. With a Disney wedding, you can be as involved, or uninvolved, as you want in the wedding planning process. Depending on your preferences, you might not have to worry…

  • Why Get Married in Florida?

    Why Get Married in Florida?

    Florida is a popular wedding destination for a variety of reasons. The state has many beautiful beaches, forests, and other beautiful venues. Florida also offers warm, tropical weather when many other parts of the United States are cold. Who would want to get married in sub-zero freezing temperatures, when the sunny Florida Key are there…