Why Get Married in Florida?

Florida is a popular wedding destination for a variety of reasons.

The state has many beautiful beaches, forests, and other beautiful venues. Florida also offers warm, tropical weather when many other parts of the United States are cold.

Who would want to get married in sub-zero freezing temperatures, when the sunny Florida Key are there waiting for you?!

The cost of getting married in Florida is affordable, especially when compared to other states like California or Hawaii. Flight tickets to Florida are often substantially cheaper than flying cross-country, or across the Pacific.

Florida is also just convenient. Wedding planning is hard enough, and it’s already a challenge for many people to travel long-distance to show their support.

Florida is an easy wedding destination because there aren’t insane time zone changes to deal with, or terribly long flights.

Hotels and lodging are in high supply, an are often very affordable. Tons of people visit Florida every year, especially tourist-centric areas. Because of this, hotel rooms, bed and breakfasts and other lodging options are in high supply.