Key West Elopement

Elopements in Key West are extremely popular. It’s a perfect place to elope for several reasons.

First, Key West has an incredibly independent attitude; it’s a part of the island’s DNA. The accepting culture, especially towards the LGBT community, makes it a very popular place for couples to elope.

Many people also choose Key West for an elopement destination because it’s just easier that way.

Even though Key West is a much more affordable wedding destination than other options like Hawaii, it’s still expensive for the couple, and wedding guests.

Eloping solves that problem, and even combines the wedding costs and honeymoon into a single expense.

Key West is also a popular place for eloping because there is a well-established wedding service infrastructure in the Florida Keys.

Because so many couples choose to get married in the Florida Keys, wedding planners, photographers, caterers and venues are all in high supply.

The wedding service providers have fierce competition with each other. Many are happy to work with eloping couples, although some focus on larger ceremonies.

Florida Keys Elopement Packages

Florida Keys elopement packages vary considerably in their price, service-level offering, and everything else you can imagine.

Some wedding packages are all-inclusive, and some are a la carte. Some are uber high-end, and some are bare-bones basic. It all depends on the needs of the couple.

On the lowest-budget end of the spectrum, many elopement packages include a venue, an officiant, and help with handling the marriage license.

On the high-end, elopement packages might be all-inclusive. A high-end package could include a luxurious stay in resort, fancy meals, a wedding photographer, videographer, and even activities, if desired.